Monday, 1 October 2012

Some amazing capoeira tricks

CM Cueca, CM Perna Longa, Prof Tico, Prof Ta Russo, Prof Ceguinho, Inst Gafanhoto
Capoeira Cordao de Ouro!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Songshan/shaolin Training -

As a sign I saw in a gym in Nottingham says....


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Build a stadium you can be proud of!

First moments of entering the Park. 
Anish Kupoors  stunning architecture, I don't think any digital footage can do it justice, it looks really boring in 2-d, but up close its breathtaking.

I am shocked by how much emotion I have felt watching the Paralympics, and the Olympics come to think of it, deep to the core. Life affirming stuff. As I watched Tatyana McFadden win in the 1500m heats, not even knowing her amazing life story, I was welling up. 1500m is such a dramatic race with so much going on, atheletes jossling for position and playing off different tactics. Love it.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Paralympic closing ceremony- the actual performance!

So one hilarious set of furry trousers and here it is!:

The girls had an article with the BBC here:

The performance was so mental. I think I kicked the berimbau as I entered with a flying kick which didn't get broadcast, but i'd like to see footage from other angles if anyone spots some on youtube etc.
The girls looked beautiful and I was so happy for them to have been such high profile, they really need help for their school back in Sao Paulo. The crazy thing of course is that as their teacher Fernada said, as they can't see the audience it helps somewhat to calm their nerves when they are performing, however, you do not need to see to feel the energy of 100,000 people cheering, sound systems fireworks and 1000's of lights on your skin.
The most beautiful moment for me was the unexpected explosion of ticker-tape. All around us cannons of paper exploded into the air, no-one had warned us , or at least me! I turned to see Giselle and Geyza and their guide elated as all the ticker tape fluttered down and over them. Its another thing when they could actually feel millions of feather-like paper snow raining down on their faces. Unbelievable joy.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Meet famous people in a disused car park!

After hours of rehearsal time we are nearly ready for Sundays extravaganza! It has been a brilliant experience. Quite amazing to meet Carlinhos Brown who was kind enough to spot that we didn't have everything we wanted for our music, and so lent us HIS berimbau. Being from Salvador da Bahia it shouldn't be that strange, however, considering he was standing in an immense carpark in Dagenham it was a small miracle! I remember having last seen him in Pelourinho, Salvador in 2002 just walking around in some kind of disguise. Happy days.
From training in a dark dusty warehouse to a immense carpark in Dagenham... Paralympic rehearsals

Us with living legend, Brazilian singer Carlinhos Brown who lent us HIS berimbau!! Behind us is the mock-up stage that has been seen in the Olympic ceremonies so far.

Dress rehearsals... awesome... check out his lenses...

Looks like a warehouse party!

Beautiful, Danca de Parafuso